DNA Doctor FAQ

Q: Do I have to download a new app to avail of updates?

A: No, make sure automatic updating is enabled on your Android or IOS device to ensure your always using the latest version of the app.


Q: What if I have multiple profiles under the same 23andMe account?

A: You can create reports for all the profiles in your 23andMe account. After viewing reports for the current user, select log out from the Profile page within DNA Doctor and you can go through the log in process again with a different profile.


Q: What other apps does DNA Doctor integrate with?

A: DNA Doctor functions well as a companion app to the Biostatus Health Tracker but at present you can only manually share information between them by making notes in the Medical Log section. We are working to further integrate the Biostatus wellness suite so that you have the option to automatically sync your genetic information across the entire range of Biostatus apps.


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